Monday, October 15, 2007

Why Acquire My Home via an Equity Holding Trust™ Transfer?

Very good question! Below are some of the major benefits of acquiring your next home with an EHTrust (Equity Holding Trust) Transfer.

  • Minimal Up-Front Cash Requirement
  • No Credit Qualifying
  • No Loan Application or Approval Needed
  • A Lender's "Due-on-Sale" Clause Avoided (i.e., A lender's demand for full loan payoff due to prohibited title transfer)
  • Legal Protection, Privacy and Safety
  • Ease of Transfer, Especially When There is to be No New Loan
  • Income Tax Deduction
  • Asset Protection
  • Shielding from Litigation, Creditor Judgment, Tax Lien and/or Probate
There are many other reasons one may wish to obtain their home via and EHTrust Transfer as opposed to getting a traditional loan. One may not be able to qualify for a new loan but can afford the home or maybe they have a bankruptcy or foreclosure on their record. None of that needs to impact your ability to get into a new home and obtain all the benefits of homeownership such as the income tax deductions mentioned above.


Anonymous said...

This is a scam. Stay away from using it.

Eric - All-State Housing said...

Not at all. I would love to discuss with you here (or privately) as to what about this system you believe is a scam.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how wrong factually it may be.

Anonymous said...

hi eric! my name is susan , and my husband and i would like for you to call us. we want to apply for a home but we wood like to try your system out. our number is 251-626-4955