Friday, October 12, 2007

Who am I?

Fair question.

My name is Eric West and work with buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. My passion is to show would-be homeowners who feel they are resigned to never obtaining the American Dream of homeownership that everyone is capable of it.

The lending industry has been tightening up for some time now and if the buyer doesn't have squeaky clean credit, a large down payment and solid job history you might as well forget about obtaining a traditional mortgage. There are better options available however and that is where my expertise is. The goal of this blog is to show you that your credit or past need not have any bearing on your dreams of homeownership even if it contains a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

I will be providing daily posts consisting of information for buyers, sellers and real estate professionals as well as my own personal observations.

Please check back, it is bound to be informative and maybe even a little bit fun!


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